Hip Hop Dancing


Hip-hop dance is a combination of different dance styles, which became famous in the USA about 40 years ago. It was mainly Afro-American teenagers from poorer neighborhoods dancing to hip-hop music on the streets.

Cinema films have made street dances worldwide famous. Today hip-hop is a real sport, with competitions, clubs and everything that goes with it.

· Hip-hop dance is fast, casual and acrobatic. And damn exhausting. Moving on cool music is a lot of fun. Since the muscle soreness is quickly forgotten.

· Hip-Hop teaches you to learn different body parts such as B. arms or head to move independently of the rest of the body. You often have to practice the isolated moves until they work properly. But
once you get the moves , they not only look great, they also give you a whole new sense of body.

· The various movements and steps can be combined freely in hip-hop. This means that every dancer can develop his own style. Hip-hop groups dance a common choreography. It depends above all on correct moves and simultaneous movements

. Checklist for beginners

· Beginners do not need anything other than comfortable sportswear. If you have a good sense of rhythm or you already know other types of dance, then hip-hop is sure to be easy.

· Hip-Hop does not just require your stamina, it also takes care of your muscles. You probably will not pass a sore muscle. Proper warm-up and stretching of the muscles before and after exercise are therefore particularly important.

· Dancing not only requires the body, but also discipline and concentration. And by the way, hip-hop is also good for self-confidence.

· If you’re not sure yet if hip-hop dancing is your thing, you can watch hip-hop videos on the internet. There are also free instructional videos to help you learn the first moves.

· You really want to try hip-hop dancing? Then you should register for a taster lesson in a dance school. It is important that you like the music and the movements and that you feel comfortable in the dance group. On this website you can find dance schools near you:

Hip Hop Dancing – sports history

Hip-Hop is not a dance style of its own but consists of many styles. These originated mainly in the 1960s and 1970s in the US as part of the hip-hop culture.

The culture of hip-hop developed in the poorer neighborhoods of major US cities, such as New York and Los Angeles. Afro-American and Puerto Rican teenagers invented a new genre of music
: hip-hop. So-called DJ’s put the new music on the streets. The different dance styles, such as break dancing, popping, locking and many others, were therefore first danced on the street and had no set rules. They are still called street dance to this day.

In the 1980s, hip-hop became increasingly popular with white teenagers and wealthier parts of the United States. The movie “Flash dance”, released in 1983, made hip-hop dance styles famous worldwide. Around the same time, the first professional hip-hop dance groups emerged.

Meanwhile, hip-hop dancing has become a sport of its own, and many dance schools in Germany also offer hip-hop dance classes. Various German and international associations also organize regional, German, European and World Championships, where you can compete alone or in dance crews with dancers from all over the world.

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